Vatican Welcomes Transgender People in the Catholic Church

In a special announcement, the Vatican has said that transgender people can be part of the Catholic Church. They can be baptized, confirmed, and even become godparents. This news is a big change and shows the Church’s growing acceptance of transgender people.

What’s Happening

The Vatican, which is the center of the Catholic Church, sent a letter to bishops around the world. In the letter, dated June 21, 2023, it says that transgender people can receive the sacraments of baptism and confirmation. They can also have important roles like being godparents.

Vatican: The Church’s New Approach

The letter also says that the Church should not treat transgender people differently. Instead, they should be given care and support. This means that the Church wants to be fair and helpful to transgender people.

Vatican: Why This Matters

This is a big deal for transgender Catholics. In the past, they often felt left out or not accepted by the Church. Now, they are being treated the same as everyone else in the Church.

Marianne Duddy-Burke, from an organization called DignityUSA, said this is a “huge step forward” for transgender Catholics. It means they are seen as equal members of the Church.

Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, also supports this change. He said that transgender people are “children of God” and deserve love and respect.

Not Everyone Agrees

But there are some people who don’t like this change. Some Catholics who are more traditional think it goes against what the Church used to teach. They worry that it will confuse people.

The Vatican defends its decision. They say it follows the Church’s teachings about baptism and confirmation. They believe that these sacraments should be available to everyone, no matter their gender.

What It Means

For transgender Catholics, this decision is a big deal. They are now fully welcomed in the Church. They can take part in all the Church’s activities and have the same rights as other Catholics.

For the Church, it shows that they are willing to change to be more inclusive. They are listening to the voices of transgender Catholics and trying to learn from their experiences.


The decision made by the Vatican to admit transgender people into the Catholic Church is a significant advancement, not just for transgender Catholics but also for the Church as a whole. It demonstrates the Church’s dedication to fairness and social justice, as well as the Church’s growing acceptance of transgender individuals.